Fitointegrazione Funzionale®

The idea we have of the medicine is of a panel of knowledge acquired through repeated and controlled experiments. Actually, the medicine has a purpose much wider: the acquisition of a complete and reliable knowledge of human body, of diseases by which he suffers and therapeutic solutions with the best cost-benefit ratio.


In that sense, the Fitointegrazione Funzionale® is a medical philosophy that is at the forefront in considering the latest interpretative models concerning both processes that characterize human physiology and the etio-pathogenetic aspect of diseases that afflict humans.


According to principles of Fitointegrazione Funzionale® a wide search of therapeutic solutions that offer a favourable cost-benefit balance is also conducted, by means of the use of herbal extracts and various nutrients (eg. vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals salts, elements traces, etc.).


The consultation of the most recent and updated scientific literature, published in the most prestigious medical journals, provides the basis for both the etio-pathogenetic aspect and the choice of ingredients to be used to obtain the health benefit.


On the basis of etio-pathogenetic classification, following identification of factors that concur to determine the disease, we review the wide repertoire of information that the literature concerning dietary supplementation and herbal medicine provides. In fact, the simple physiological functions of the ingredient in question (such as a nutrient) or selected conventional plant extract uses are considered useful but not sufficient: to allow the choice of the ingredient to be used, according to the principles of Fitointegrazione Funzionale®, a solid confirmation must emerge from the scientific literature, in particular by scientific and possibly clinical studies.


The combination of all these information should enable passionate doctors a more accurate assessment of benefits that can be gained through the use of these substances in the treatment of considered diseases, necessary doses, possible side effects and contraindications.


The combination of ingredients and quantities of each of them characterize the proposals of the Fitointegrazione Funzionale® aiming to guarantee the best synergistic action between plant compounds and micronutrients contained to obtain the health benefit.


To ensure that these ingredients can cause desired effects, it is important to keep in mind that scientific studies supporting them have been conducted by independent researchers that belong to many different institutes around the world. This allows doctors to make a fair judgment on their effectiveness, before testing them on their patients.

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