Social responsibility

Since its foundation, Neo G pharma has assumed an important commitment that has been reflected in the interpretation of social responsibility constantly playing an active role in the health system, in its wider vision.


This role consists in a clear and comprehensive dialogue with health professionals and employees. The dialogue with these stakeholders is based on sharing values and principles, such as integrity and honesty, reliability and transparency.


For these reasons, the whole planning process of each product is disclosed, first to the employees and then to health professionals, through the publication of monographs of purely scientific content. The reading of these materials shows that the choice of the compositions is dictated by considerations aimed to reach or to preserve the health state and not by purely economic and commercial considerations.


The aim is also achieved paying particular attention to the quality of raw materials, to the constant verification of the absence of contaminants, to the exclusion of artificial sweeteners and to the evaluation of the environmental impact in all procedures.


There is no system that can manage itself in a more economical and efficient way that nature does. Neo G pharma together with its employees and with its multiple social relationships is aware of the importance of its role and takes its inspiration from "economic" model that nature teaches us: efficiency, cost containment and sustainability.

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