Production plants are equipped with the most advanced, currently available, technologies. These technologies meet pharmaceutical standards governing the use of machines, the compliance with specific procedures, the quality control and the environmental impact.  These standards are much higher than those required by the segment of food supplements but we believe they are necessary to provide our customers with products of the highest quality.


We adopt a strict quality control system, used to test products at each production process stage, from raw materials to finished product.


All production plants are registered under the Reg. CE 852/2004 and under certification system GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). We use the most sophisticated technologies in laboratories of QC and Microbiology, according to the highest standards of quality and safety required by European (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Volume 2, Part 111, of 01.04.2013) and American (US FDA Registration no. 10725095718) regulations.


Production plants have the following Ministerial Authorizations:


  • Ministerial authorization to produce foods for particular nutritional uses (Legislative Decree no. 111/92);
  • Authorization to produce cosmetics;
  • Authorization as an operator for preparation and packaging of organic products.


realising its production activity in accordance with Legislative Decree. 111/92, with Program Qualification Company FEDER-SALUS (National Federation of Health Products Manufacturers) requirements.

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